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Wherever you are, if you would like to travel, working on the way to fund your adventure, or perhaps thinking of moving to somewhere sunny and warm with a relaxed lifestyle, then take some time to browse through the pages of this site.

Sunshine Coast Nursing

A site by Nurses for Nurses.nurse chart 7202802 242x300 WELCOME TO SUNSHINE COAST NURSING.

As nurses, our profession can take us to all corners of the world. We can travel almost anywhere in the world, see the sights, live the dream, and know that our professional qualifications will always be in demand.

Nursing is a highly portable profession – your qualifications are easily transferable to many countries around the world, and any state in Australia.

The demand for skilled nurses is high and will continue to rise in the coming years. The reasons for this are many and varied.  One of the key reasons for this demand for nurses is the aging population.

As the number of older people increases, it is important to have adequate nurses to staff hospitals and nursing facilities. The increased specialisation of medicine is another reason for the  increase in the specialised fields of practice of those who administer care. Finally, as the cost of medical care rises, nurses  are taking on more of the care involved in treating patients.

These issues are not specific to any single country. Almost every country around the globe is in need of trained nurses. The options available to nurses who wish to travel are immense.

There are many personal benefits to working overseas. If you want to travel and experience the different cultures of the world, nursing provides the means to finance a lifestyle that would otherwise be difficult to achieve and maintain.male female nurse2 WELCOME TO SUNSHINE COAST NURSING.

This site is for Nurses and Health Care Professionals who are interested in moving to  Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region  from anywhere in Australia or anywhere in the world.  We have attempted to give you the information you need to make your decision to come here easier.

Everything from day care for the kids, to where you and your family can live work and play, will be here for your consideration.

As Nurses, we are fortunate enough to work with International and Interstate Nurses on a daily basis.  Almost all of these Nurses have contributed in one way or another to the content of this site by simply telling us of their experiences in coming here, and the lack of information available to help make an informed decision.

It is hoped that this site will address this information ‘black hole’.

Please check back regularly for updates and added content.

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